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Development (coding) | List of Development Steps

This is the part of the process that usually seems the most exciting. Finally all the images, text, graphics, sounds, and interactive elements are put together and the web site begins to physically take form.

Though coding and programming may seem like it should be a cut-and-dried process, it can actually be one of the most challenging to carry out. Our web site designs are created to work effectively on as many kinds of browser software and operating systems as your target audience is likely to be using. Each of these has its own idiosyncrasies in terms of how web page codes are interpreted. Codes for one browser may not work on others (see Testing/Editing).

Also, the web server that will host your web site must be taken into account. Programming languages, database structures, streaming media--all these are dependent on web server technologies. The coding for your pages must match the features of the web server you are using.

We specialize in developing web sites that are as vendor-neutral as possible. That means we try to create pages that are not dependent on the software or technology of a particular company. If you ever have to move your site to a different web server, we believe your web site should be easily portable without having to recode everything. In the rare case that the requirements of your site indicate a proprietary technology may be appropriate, we will let you know in advance and discuss the pros and cons of the decision.

It's just another way we focus on helping you save money.

Development (coding) | List of Development Steps