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Lead time for beginning work on a site varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size and number of sites we are working on at the time and the scope of your project. When you first call, we will ask questions to help us get an idea of the time required. Based on that we'll give you an estimated start date. If your project is small, such as a quick JavaScript program or minor changes to an existing site, we can sometimes work it in fairly quickly.

Sometimes the amount of time a job will take to complete can be estimated during the initial phone call. For larger jobs we schedule a planning phase first, and determine the schedule for the full site development after the structure and contents have been worked out in detail with you.

People often feel pressured to develop a web site quickly. Marketing hype has encouraged that pressure in every imaginable way. But remember, companies who were developing their sites five years ago felt it was urgent. And new companies will feel that way next year as well. The fact is there are online business opportunities every day. There rarely is a reason to hurry.

We prefer to encourage clients to take a more thoughtful approach. A web site is a significant investment for your company, and planning it carefully is always time well spent. By taking the time to look at your future needs as well as your immediate needs, we can design a site that won't be an obstacle to future expansion. Thorough planning will also minimize changes as development proceeds, thus saving you money.

So relax! Take a few deep breaths. Get a cup of something warm and flavorful. Then give us a call. We'll look forward to hearing from you!

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