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Our Development Process

Testing/Editing | List of Development Steps

Testing your web site for errors in coding, spelling, etc. begins as the first draft of your site is developed. We make extensive use of code validating software, link checkers, and other types of tools that help ensure the accuracy of your web site pages. Testing continues throughout the development process, and is intensified just before the site is publicly launched.

Actual testing strategies depend on your intended audience and budgetary constraints, but here's the typical testing regimen for web sites we develop:

Code Validation

Content Editing

Cross-browser Testing

Accessibility Testing

Usability Testing

Depends on budget. When budget allows, we recommend testing the site for usability with a random group of people at least once, and preferably at several stages in your site development.

In summary, we do our best to ensure that your viewers will not be distracted by errors. It's important to keep in mind, though, that you are more expert on your site's subject than we are. When we ask you to proof pages before putting them online, it's very important that you or your staff examine them carefully before signing off. You are also responsible for the factual accuracy and legal implications of your content.

Testing/Editing | List of Development Steps