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Our Development Goals | Web Accessibility | Up-To-Date Technologies

You've heard it before: Internet technology is changing how we market our products and services. What you may not have heard is an explanation of exactly what is changing and how that affects you and your business.

Traditional mass media marketing views the consumer as passively captive (watching a TV show or listening to music on the radio). As people learn to tune ads out, marketers increasingly use techniques consumers find annoying (for instance, louder ads, more ads per hour, etc.).

Now, on the Internet, the consumer is actively in the driver's seat. With the click of a mouse, consumers seek out what they want and avoid everything else. A new marketing approach is required.

Traditional Marketing
Internet Marketing

1. Reach as many people as possible, knowing that only a small percentage will actually respond.

1. Target efforts toward reaching the right people--customers who are most likely to buy.

2. Tell customers what the marketers want them to know.

2. Give customers the information they want to know.

3. Influence people to do something they previously did not want to do (i.e., create a need for a product).

3. Help customers do what they want to do more quickly and easily than they could otherwise (i.e., fulfill a need with a product).

In short, good marketing has become good customer service.

Successful web sites are designed with these new methods in mind. When we develop web sites, we begin by helping you identify what information prospective customers want to know about your products or services. We then create a site design that makes it as easy as possible for your visitors to get that information. Finally, we develop carefully selected dynamic elements to streamline how you and your customers interact. Optimizing the site's appeal to your target audience is our constant focus.

We are committed to practicing what we preach--our ultimate goal is good service to you and your customers.

Our Development Goals | Web Accessibility | Up-To-Date Technologies