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Web Site Hosting | List of Development Steps

A web server is a computer running web server software on which your web site files are stored (hosted). The requirements for configuring an effective server are complex. Security alone is a full-time preoccupation. Unless you already have an in-house web server and experienced staff to maintain it, we recommend outsourcing site hosting.

Web hosting accounts are inexpensive, starting at less than $20 per month for shared machines. Your cost will depend on the features you need. We recommend talking with us before you make your choice. Unlike many web developers, we are not affiliated with any single hosting service. Instead we have working relationships with several. We believe each hosting account should be individually selected. Account features must be tailored to exactly what you need, and allow for growth as your site evolves.

Hosting is a competitive business and highly volatile. We look into the background and business approach of every hosting company we recommend. We set up an account with them ourselves to get first-hand experience with their service. We work with their technical support system to test responsiveness. In short, we do everything we can to assure the hosting services we recommend will be of the highest quality and reliability available.

Hosting Service Recommendation: If you are only looking for a site hosting service and already know the features you want, we highly recommend the hosting plans at Pair Networks. You'll find a full range of services available from starter accounts to dedicated servers. We have worked with many hosting services over the years, and think Pair is the best available in terms of flexible features, web-based site management tools, and responsive technical support. Be sure to check out their current specials, such as the Refugee offer--free setup for sites moving from other hosts.

Web Site Hosting | List of Development Steps