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Perl, CGI, PHP Programming | List of Services

High levels of interactivity between you and your customers require special software. The task might be simple, such as emailing data to you automatically when a customer fills out a web page form. Or the task might be highly complex, such as online ordering, real-time credit card validation, and backend e-commerce functions such as order fulfillment and accounting. CGI is a technology that makes all this possible.

CGI programming allows us to automate passing information to and from web pages. It can also be used to capture and process that information, or pass it off to other software (such as in an SQL database).

CGI programs (sometimes called scripts) can be written in any programming language, but the two most commonly used are Perl and PHP. Despite all the flashy graphics, Internet technology is fundamentally a text-based system. Perl was designed to be optimal for text processing, so it quickly became a popular CGI tool. PHP is a scripting language designed specifically to make web programming quick and easy.

The role of CGI interactivity on a web site can be crucial to its success, and its possible uses are limitless. Our programmers are experienced and creative in developing CGI software customized to the needs of you and your customers.

Some common uses of CGI programming:

(For interactivity that doesn't require capturing data, see JavaScript.
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Perl, CGI, and PHP Programming | List of Services