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JavaScript is a programming language created especially for the web environment. Whether it is used to add visual pizzazz, viewer interactivity, or to improve accuracy of data submitted by the viewer, JavaScript can move your web site to a higher level of usefulness--and fun! Please note that because you are viewing the text-only version of this site, the JavaScript examples are not available. Please return to our standard site if you wish to view the examples.

Including JavaScript on a web page requires careful testing to make sure it runs flawlessly across different browsers and operating systems. Whenever possible, we start with existing programming to help reduce your costs.

The applications for JavaScript programs are numerous, but here are a few things that JavaScript can do:

Also, please see our portfolio for links to JavaScript used on our clients' sites. For more complex web interactivity, see CGI/Perl.

NOTE: Java is a different and more powerful programming language. It is not related to JavaScript. Microsoft no longer supports Java in its browser software, so we no longer recommend Java applets for use on web pages. (We think that is unfortunate.)

JavaScript | List of Services