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What the viewer sees when browsing your web site (also called the "front end") is only part of the story. The "backend", or software that runs on the web server, can be the most cost-saving portion of your online business operation.

For example, besides your online product catalog, e-commerce involves printing shipping labels, managing inventory levels, tracking backorders, invoicing and accounting functions, and so on. The more these processes can be automated, the more efficiently they can be carried out. Custom CGI software costs more initially, but it can dramatically reduce your ongoing costs, thus saving you money overall.

There are other less obvious ways that backend software can help. For instance, do you have (or plan to have) pages on your site that are updated frequently? We can write software that will allow you to go to a password protected web page and fill out a simple form and/or click a button to automatically update your pages, move old information to an archive, and update a directory of your pages with the simple click of a Submit button.

Technical flexibility is always our priority. We write the software in Perl, a vendor-neutral programming language that can be run on virtually any web server. You aren't locked into cookie-cutter templates, either. We can customize the program to produce pages with the exact look and complexity you need.

Sometimes the backend programs aren't directly related to your web site. For instance, do you have a sales or project team that is separated geographically? Do you need a central place to have information or functions accessible from anywhere via the Internet? We might be able to help.

If you have repetitive tasks associated with managing your web site, contact us about automating or simplifying the work. We think you'll be amazed at the possibilities.

Custom Web Software | List of Services