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For some types of interactivity, JavaScript programming can provide an effective solution. Since JavaScript code is part of the web page itself, it responds to viewer input almost instantaneously. Please note that these examples will not work unless you have a JavaScript-enabled browser.

Screenprinting Price Calculator

Screenprinting pricing is complex, and a detailed pricing chart can look intimidating. We simplified the experience for prospective customers of a quality printing house by using JavaScript programming to embed the pricing into an easy-to-use web page form.

Arrowac Fisheries

Turtle Island Web Design provided the JavaScripting on the main page of this site to display the current date and create the scrolling banner.


The owners of K9World have retired now, but this link leads to a portion of the online ordering page designed for their web site. Several things made calculating the amount due complicated for customers. Prices and shipping costs varied not only by type of product, but also by quantity. Residents of Washington state needed sales tax applied. Customers needed to be able to total their order, and still make changes before placing the order. JavaScript was the perfect solution. Using JavaScript to perform the calculations reduced errors and speeded up order processing time.

To learn more about JavaScript, visit the JavaScript section of our services.

JavaScript | Portfolio Index