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Site Maintenance | List of Development Steps

Once your site is built and launched, there will usually be some ongoing maintenance required. At a minimum, links to other web sites should be tested and search engine listings checked and updated at regular intervals. Some of our clients prefer to have us build the site and turn over maintenance to trained in-house staff, but many hire us to do the work.

Our custom web software can sometimes help reduce maintenance costs by allowing you to add new content to your site via web-based forms. Simple editing, such as price changes, can be similarly automated. It costs more up front but could save you money in the long run.

For maximum flexibility or infrequent updates, you may choose to have us do the work. We aim for quick turnaround time on simple changes. Major changes receive priority scheduling for existing clients.

As we develop your web site, we'll keep future maintenance in mind and suggest ways to minimize maintenance costs whenever possible. We also factor site maintenance into our Work Estimates.

Site Maintenance | List of Development Steps