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When it comes to a web site, the popular saying doesn't apply--if you build it, they won't necessarily come. People have to be able to find your site to visit it. Getting your web site listed with the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) is increasingly difficult as the number of web sites grows daily. What works with one search engine may be an obstacle for another search engine.

Search engine companies are competitive businesses. They are constantly changing the way their searches work to try to help viewers find relevant sites quickly and easily. We monitor those changes and do everything possible to optimize your site for ranking well with the largest search sites. For example, we can help you select key words and write a site description to code in meta tags on every page.

We submit your site information to search engines individually. Automated bulk submissions using software are notoriously ineffective. Successful site submissions require time and careful thought.

The reality is that search engines alone can't be counted on to build traffic to your web site. If you want assistance with marketing your site, we can help you develop a comprehensive strategy appropriate to your business or organization.

Search Engine Submissions | List of Services