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Content Development | List of Development Steps

Most of the content for your web site will usually be provided by you. Turtle Island Web Design can consult and recommend special adaptations to modify your existing content to work well on the web. For example, web writing must be brief and to the point. The style should be more conversational and personal than other common types of business writing.

If your own writers are not experienced at web writing, we can provide writing or editing services to help optimize the content you provide. There are many "tricks of the trade" to successful web writing, and our staff writer is experienced and versatile.

Graphics choices also need to be based on different criteria than other media. Photos, for instance, must be much simpler for publication online. The low screen resolution (dots per inch) will simply not show detailed images effectively. Contrast is different when you are looking at the light source on a monitor versus viewing reflected light from paper. We can coach you on how to make the best choices. We also have resources for creating or using existing graphics when you need generic images.

We pay strict attention to copyright laws, and require written permission to use content developed by third parties. When you hire us to develop your web site, you have access to our technical expertise and years of experience to help you develop content to make the quality of your online presentation stand out and be successful.

Content Development | List of Development Steps