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Visual concept, look and feel, colors, logos, photos, layout--all these and more are the realm of the graphic designer. As with web writing, designing graphics for the Web requires very different skills than for print.

Some things, of course, are universal. Basic design principles and color theory are similar from one artistic medium to another. The technical challenges involved in carrying these out are what differ dramatically.

Graphic files are huge compared to text files. File size has a lot to do with how fast web pages load. User research has shown that a web page must capture a viewer's attention in about ten seconds or odds are high they will click away. For web pages to display that quickly, images must be chosen carefully, used sparingly, and must be an integral part of the page's message.

That doesn't mean web sites have to look boring. Skillful web designers use color and creative page structure to generate interest and eye appeal for your site without the heavy use of graphics.

We believe ignoring user statistics and overusing graphics is often the cause of web sites not doing well. It doesn't matter how beautiful a site looks if no one stays around long enough to see it.

Our site designers are masters at creating an attractive visual context while rigorously keeping in mind that "content is king" and satisfied visitors are what drive web success. You can rest assured your site design will be a unique blend of line, flow and color that is pleasing to your viewers and respectful of their browsing time.

Graphic Design | List of Services