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Clients have hired us for:

- Feature articles
- Editing/proofreading
- Online class texts
- Email newsletters
- Product descriptions
- Print-to-web conversions
- Overall content production

"Content is king" is a familiar web maxim. The number one attraction for bringing viewers to your web site continues to be clear, compelling information.

Online reading presents special challenges, and web copywriting requires specialized skills adapted to those challenges. The transition is not always easy for writers used to working in other media.

Most computer monitors have a very low resolution (dots per inch) compared to printed pages. That means details are harder to see, and text is harder to read. We are looking directly at the light source instead of reflected light from paper. Our eyes become fatigued faster. Studies show that reading is slowed by about 25%. As a result, people just naturally skim instead of reading word for word. Too much text can cause them to click away.

A web author must know how to pack a lot of meaning into just a few words--"word conservation" as our lead writer calls it. Successful web style is direct and engaging. The tone is somewhat informal, because viewers experience web pages as a one-on-one conversation.

Informal doesn't mean sloppy, however. Spelling and grammar are just as important on web sites as they are in any other medium. Careful proofing of written material is always a worthwhile investment.

Our writing staff is experienced and professional. Whether you need copy created from scratch or help editing your own drafts, whether at regular intervals or only occasionally, our team is standing by to provide you with content that is lively and effective.

Copywriting | List of Services