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Typical Elements of
E-commerce Site Design:

- Product database
- Shopping cart software
- Shipping cost tables
- Sales tax collection
- Currency conversions
- Real-time credit card gateway
- Internet merchant account
- Secure server license
- Privacy & policies statements
- Order fulfillment integration

Designing an e-commerce web site involves orchestrating many technical elements (see sidebar). Our job is to help you choose just the right combination to make doing business online easy and reliable for both you and your customers.

Some design companies use a one-size-fits-all approach. They affiliate with one software package or one hosting service and then try to alter your way of doing business to fit into their pattern. That's not our style.

We begin instead from your customer's point of view. What would make ordering your products online as easy and convenient as possible? Then we look at your preferred way of doing business. What would make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to fulfill and track orders received from your web site? Finally we build the programming to come as close as possible to these goals.

That doesn't mean we are always starting from scratch. We regularly survey e-commerce software and hosting options available, To save you money, we try whenever possible to install existing software that is close to what your site requires and then customize it to your specific needs and budget.

If you already have part of your e-commerce system in place, we can help you fill the gaps. For instance, perhaps you already have shopping cart software and just need an Internet merchant account and a secure credit card gateway to take payments online. Your current bank is often not the best provider, since many banks have little Internet knowledge and experience. Once again, we've done the legwork to save you time and money. We offer affordable, reliable, and secure merchant services through established professional financial providers.

For more information, see our pages describing E-commerce Software and Merchant Services.

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E-commerce | Merchant Accounts | Payment Gateways | List of Services