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Search Engine Optimization | List of Development Steps

Optimizing web pages to rank well when users search for key words on search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Northern Lights, etc.) is a challenging task. Code that improves the odds of doing well in one search engine's results may work against you on another search engine.

We do our best to monitor how the search engines work and to follow recommended best practices for coding your web pages effectively. One of the most important group of codes used are called Meta Tags. Meta tags are invisible to the viewer. Every web page should have a brief description of the page contents (approximately 25 words) coded into one meta tag. Another meta tag contains a comma-separated list of key words and phrases that a viewer might enter if they went to a search engine to look for pages like yours.

Other optimization techniques include using key words in title tags, repeating key words often throughout the page contents, and so on. Part of our job is to advise you whenever we see a way to optimize your page more effectively. This is integrated into our development process from the beginning.

Once your web site is launched, we can help you announce your site to the most used search engine services, relevant specialized directories, and other traffic sources. Since search engines alone are no longer enough to bring visitors to your site, we can also help you develop strategies for marketing your site in other ways.

Search Engine Optimization | List of Development Steps