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Databases have become an integral part of web site design and development. Uses range from simple to highly complex. Here are some examples:

The possibilities are endless.

For small numbers of database records, we can create flat-file databases. For large scalable databases, we use MySQL. MySQL is an extremely popular, open source database engine that is fast, reliable, and--remarkably--free. Its performance compares favorably with most of its proprietary competitors which cost thousands of dollars. It also runs on virtually any server operating system, and so maintains flexible portability for your web site data. In short, it gives outstanding performance and maximum choices.

Careful design and structure of a database in the beginning is crucial to avoiding major problems in the future. It is much easier to make design changes before a large amount of data is already stored in the database. Our consultants can help you avoid design pitfalls before any programming is done by helping you develop specific functional requirements to suit your business or organizational operations.

PHP or perl programming can be used with MySQL to create web page interfaces to online databases. We do everything possible to make maintaining your data easy and exactly customized to your needs. See examples of online databases we have built in our portfolio.

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