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Ensuring Accessibility

There are two tools in particular that we use to ensure that the web sites we produce are accessible.

1. The World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Guidelines

The W3C is an organization dedicated to setting up standards and guidelines for the Web. Their accessibility guidelines are based upon the input of designers, programmers, developers, government institutions, and other organizations concerned with making the Web accessible to people with disabilities. As new technologies and new issues come to light, they update and improve their guidelines.

2. The Bobby Validator

Bobby is a piece of software that checks a web page for its accessibility. It allows us to make sure people with disabilities or other impairments will be able to view the page, regardless of the software they use. It works in conjunction with the guidelines set forth by the W3C.

By keeping ourselves up on current legislation and by using tools that comply with accessibility standards, we can provide you with a web site that will gain your products and services maximum exposure.

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Our Development Goals | Web Accessibility | Up-To-Date Technologies