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Graphical Design | List of Development Steps

Web site graphical design involves everything from the visual "look and feel" of the site to the preparation of individual graphical images. Because graphics account for most of the download time of a web page, it's important that graphics only be used if they enhance the message of the page.

First, you must determine all the possible kinds of information that might be useful in accomplishing your web site goals. What information do you already have? Brochures? Databases? Catalogs? White papers? Specification sheets? In this step you define the universe of information available.

The beginning part of the graphical design of a web site is the selection of the presentation style. Page style has to do with how the page feels--heavy and bold, natural, formal, funny, high tech, light and airy--all of these styles can be conveyed with proper design. The style of a web site should generally be consistent from page to page and definitely should be consistent with the web site's goals and the company's image.

Style is developed by an integration of such things as color, graphics, use of space on the page, writing tone, etc. Turtle Island Web Design can help you choose style elements to project your corporate image to the world in a way that appeals to your target audience.

Another part of graphical design is the actual preparation and creation of web page graphics. This is one part of the web design process that separates the amateurs from the professionals. Appropriate and creative graphics can help attract favorable attention to your web site. Graphics include not only photos and logos but icons, link buttons, and other special uses unique to web construction. Preparing graphics for use on the Web is a complex process, very different than for print media. Turtle Island Web Design has software, experience, and expertise to develop or adapt graphics for your online use.

Graphical Design | List of Development Steps