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Macromedia's Flash software is used to produce interactive multimedia animations or movies. Below are some of the Flash projects we have done. Please note that because you are viewing the text-only site, the example movies are not available. Please return to our standard site if you wish to view the movies.

Westport Yacht Sales and Shipyard

Flash on this home page sets a powerful and dynamic tone to introduce the site. The sparkling effect helps reinforce the brand. Movement emphasizes the message delivery, while the download time has been kept to within reasonable limits.

Cascade Valley Hospital & Clinics

Flash is used to compress the space required to show the navigation links on this extensive site. The site contains many kinds of information, and it's important for viewers to be able to get a comprehensive overview from the home page. The Flash file loads quickly, allows a precise and professional look and feel, and reduces the amount of scrolling required to view the page.

Quantum Windows and Doors

This Flash movie is the introduction to a CD created for Quantum Windows and Doors. The entire CD used a Flash interface that allowed architects to browse the catalog of styles, and then import drawings for use in their designs and blueprints. This file is small and fast enough that it could eventually be incorporated as the introduction to their web site. Notice that the image resizes to whatever window size you are using. Smooth resizing is one of the strengths of Flash animations.

Coleson Foods

If you go to the Products section of this site, you'll see an example of appropriate use of Flash to enhance usability of a web site. Coleson is marketing 24 different frozen seafood products on their site, and wanted links to them all. By creating a hierarchical interactive navigation tool with Flash we were able to fit all 24 links into a manageable visual area, and significantly reduce the download time as well. It's an elegant solution and blends with the rest of the page.

To learn more about Flash, visit the Flash/Shockwave section of our services.

Flash/Shockwave | Portfolio Index