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Macromedia's Flash software is used to produce interactive multimedia animations (also called Shockwave movies). Because Flash files can be large (meaning they can take a long time to download), we recommend using it sparingly on web sites. The technology is most appropriate when it improves usability (see Coleson example below). Please note that because you are viewing the text-only site, the example movies are not available. Please return to our standard site if you wish to view the movies.

Flash is also an excellent tool for building CD (compact disc) presentations. Multimedia business presentations that sparkle can be prepared and cheaply replicated on CDs. The viewer doesn't need to be connected to the Internet. Sounds can also be incorporated with visual effects. Since no download time is involved, rich multimedia effects can be included without concern about file size.

Wesport Yachts (see home page)

Here Flash is used to set a powerful and dynamic tone for the home page of this world class motoryacht manufacturer. The download time was kept reasonable while the movement directs the viewer's eye in a way that optimizes delivery of the message. The sweep of sparkles enhances the branding effect. Note that a "skip intro" link was not necessary. We believe that in most cases if you have to give viewers the option to skip the Flash introduction, then you'd be better off doing just that--skipping the Flash introduction altogether. Flash should improve information delivery, not get in the way of it.

Quantum Windows and Doors

Introduction to a business-to-business CD. This file is small and fast enough that it could eventually be incorporated as the introduction to their web site. Notice that the image resizes to whatever window size you are using. Smooth resizing is one of the strengths of Flash animations.

Coleson Foods

An example of how Flash can improve usability. By creating an interactive navigation tool with Flash we were able to fit more than 20 links into a manageable space and reduce overall download time.

Flash/Shockwave | List of Services