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This web site sells online courses in various subjects. Potential students enroll in the course of their choice instantly by purchasing a course with a credit card online through a secure server, then filling out their student information. This site is a great example of how e-commerce can be integrated into a site to provide instant access to a product or service.

Earth Treasures

Online retail sales have never been so easy to maintain! The product pages on the Earth Treasures site are created by custom database software installed on the web server. The product databases are designed to be managed completely by the site owner from password-protected web pages. Products are added, deleted, or modified by simply filling out a web page form and clicking the form button. The CGI software also creates and adds the PayPal shopping cart links.


This site uses a new e-commerce software package that we're very excited about. It combines ease of use with the greatest degree of design flexibility and selling options we've seen yet. Here's how it works:

The product database is built with a drag-and-drop interface in Windows-based software on your own desktop computer. When changes are completed, a simple click automatically creates and uploads hard-coded web page files to your web site. (Hard-coded pages help optimize search engine rankings.) The shopping cart software has built-in 128-bit encryption, making a server security certificate optional and saving you money. The software links easily with several real-time credit card verification services. It also includes backend functions, such as order management, shipping labels, and invoicing features. The fulfillment portion of the software can be installed on a separate computer at your warehouse. Once the system is installed and customized, catalog updates can be done by you, with little or no professional assistance.

But what about business-to-business sales? Do you sell wholesale as well as retail? No problem. At the same time the retail catalog is created, you can be simultaneously creating a password protected wholesale catalog. There's no need to build a separate site for wholesale buyers. It's all automated. This optional configuration includes convenient customer management and marketing features, too.

Here's the best part: this software is affordable. The retail catalog software costs US$499. With business-to-business options included the whole package is only US$1,195. Setup and customization costs will vary depending on the size and complexity of your product line. You are not limited to choosing from a few graphical page templates either, as you would be with many e-commerce packages. The look and feel of the pages is highly customizable, including graphics, colors, text and layout.

If this sounds exciting to you, too, contact us for a quote or more information about this e-commerce solution.

To learn more about E-Commerce, visit the E-Commerce section of our services.

E-Commerce | Portfolio Index