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Web cameras are devices for taking pictures at regular intervals that can immediately be put on your web site for viewing from a web page. The entire process can be automated and scheduled to your specifications. A web camera can be installed wherever electricity and an Internet connection or phone line are available.

For Businesses and Organizations

Uses of web cameras are only limited by your imagination. Here are some examples:

For Security

Cameras can also be used for remote security. Keep an eye on your boat, business, or home while you are away. With a web browser anywhere in the world, you can go to your own password protected web page, and see what the camera is seeing at any given moment.

Buying a System vs. Components

Many camera components are sold separately (camera, modem, cables, mounting hardware, software, etc.). In our experience, component prices may look good initially, but we advise caution. Cobbling together separate components can quickly cost more in the long run due to parts incompatibility, piecemeal technical support, and so on. Instead, we recommend purchasing a complete system where the parts are carefully engineered to work together.

We offer two real time camera systems: NetCam, a standalone system, and the more economical WinCam, which connects to a PC computer. We think these have the best combination of price, features, and quality on the market. We can help with the installation of these systems as much or as little as you prefer.

Web Cameras | NetCams | WinCams | List of Services